Topic 15. Twenty One Ways to Blow Up Your Company

There are many ways entrepreneurs can blow up a company. Whether it’s hiring bad employees and ignoring your customers to lacking goals and focusing on your needs instead of investors, committing any of these 21 ways could put you out-of-business.


What's Included in this Guide:

1. Mess Up Company Basics

2. Ignore Your Customers

3. Hire Bad Employees

4. Fundraise Without Intent

5. Follow Bad Advice

6. Lack Leadership Skills

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Part 1.

Mess Up Company Basics

As your company grows, lacking foundational practices will reduce your likelihood of success. This video will help you dodge the ways entrepreneurs have messed up company basics and closed down their business.

Part 2.

Ignore Your Customers

Ignoring the needs of your customers could put your business in a downward spiral. This video will share how to keep your eye on the customer and competition, as well as your public image to keep the wheels turning.

Part 3.

Hire Bad Employees

There’s nothing more deadly to a company culture and productivity than hiring poor performing or non-compatible employees. In this section, you’ll learn how to avoid these missteps and attract the right people to help grow your business.

Part 4.

Fundraise Without Intent

When entrepreneurs get tired, it’s easy to get lazy when fundraising and think a standardized approach will work for all investors, it doesn’t. This video will show you how a tailored approach to each prospective investor could help attract investment and keep the doors open.

Part 5.

Follow Bad Advice

Entrepreneurs who wait to complete key paperwork or follow bad advice can have things blow up when you least expect it. In this video, you’ll learn ways to avoid putting your company at risk.

Part 6.

Lack Leadership Skills

When you commit to growing a business, you become an entrepreneur 24/7, and there will be life changes. This video will share insights on avoiding leadership fails that could run your business into the ground.