Topic 5. Check Your Progress

Many startups mistake the activities and outputs of their work as outcomes, which is dangerous. You need to make sure that you finish tasks against your goals to make progress. It is easy to fall into the habit of doing work without getting any results. You need to set focused goals, look for key results, and learn to set new goals based on what happens.

What's Included in this Guide:

How do we Set Goals?

How do we Make Progress on our Goals?

How do we Get Work Done Faster?

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Part 1.

How do we set goals?

This video looks at steps you can take to set focused goals and identify your expected key results. It looks at the importance of learning from the difference between what we thought would happen and what actually happened as a way to set new weekly goals.

Part 2.

How do we make progress on our goals?

Knowing what we can do today that will provide customer value is paramount to the items due next week. This video takes you through a powerfully effective way to manage your workflow so that you are continually doing work that provides customers value while looking ahead to upcoming work that moves your objective and key results forward.

Part 3.

How do we get work done faster?

One of your greatest challenges is to establish and maintain a consistent flow of work, one that is set up to finish work before moving on to the next thing. This video looks at the importance of finding that flow, how to prioritize the work, and the consequences of saying “yes” to too many things.