Topic 9. Grow Your Business With KPIs

At this point, you must establish how you plan to measure your success and build value for your customers and your business. This part will look at value and growth indicators, and will help you understand how to apply them to your own business.


What's Included in this Guide:

1. Make Progress with KPIs

2. Learn the Basics of Metrics

3. Review Metrics to Make Progress

4. Evolve the Metrics You Track

5. Trust Your Gut

6. Find Your KPIs Workshop

Let's get started
Part 1.

Make Progress With KPIs

You need to understand, track, and set goals to drive progress. This video will show you how to identify and select the key indicators that are critical for driving your business forward. You will also learn how these metrics help you to communicate and create shared understanding within your company and with investors.

Part 2.

Learn the Basics of Metrics

This video will take you through the vocabulary around metrics, and will help you understand which metrics you need to track to provide value and grow your business.

Part 3.

Understand Your Business Through Metrics

There are metrics that most every other business uses, and then there are those that help you grow. This video will help you to make sense of the metrics that are central to accounting, to investors, and to managing. These are powerful ways to think about metrics as a company.

Part 4.

Review Metrics to Make Progress

You want to have your key performance indicators, KPIs, drive your behavior and your understanding of how your business works. One of most powerful ways to make sure your company benefits from these KPIs is to have weekly check-ins with your team and investors to share good news, review goals, reviews KPIs, and clear any issues that may arise.

Part 5.

Evolve the Metrics You Track

You need to identify two or three measurable KPIs that matter to your business today. This video will help your team identify growth and value KPIs through the exploration of what your customers experience.

Part 6.

Trust Your Gut

Entrepreneurship is a blend of art and science. In some instances, you won’t have data science to show you where to go and you simply have to trust your gut. KPIs can create a numerical baseline to your gut responses. This video will help you think through ways to get the easiest and fastest measurements that you can use as evidence.

Part 7.

Find Your KPIs Workshop

This video will take you through an example of mapping the customer experience up to the moment of a transaction, and then how to plot the metrics for growth and value KPIs that teams can measure and monitor.