Topic 7. Master Your Pitch

Your pitch is your moment to shine. How can you inform and entertain while still communicating and reinforcing the belief that you are a low-risk high-return investment for this investor. You need to show that you know your audience, that your data supports your work, and that you are the right team for the job.


What's Included in this Guide:

Entrepreneurs Suck at Pitching

Make Your Introduction Interesting

Demonstrate What you Sell

Show me the Money

Stick the Landing

Let's get started
Part 1.

Entrepreneurs suck at pitching

For all the effort entrepreneurs put in to understand their audience, solve their customer’s problem, and build a compelling business, it seems almost impossible that they would make a terrible pitch. And yet it happens all the time to most entrepreneurs. The purpose of this video is to give you an overview of how to build and deliver an effective pitch so you can get a meeting with an investor.

Part 2.

Make your introduction interesting

When pitching your business to investors, in less than 30 seconds you have to introduce yourself, build credibility, define the problem, and make the audience care. This video walks you through strategies to help you grab the attention and capture the heart and mind of the investor.

Part 3.

Demonstrate what you sell

This is a game of show, not tell. How might you show how you will make your customers’ problem go away? In this part you will see how to show your investor audience the strengths of your business, your vision, and most importantly—how they will make money.

Part 4.

Show me the money

It’s imperative that you show the business side of your startup so that investors understand how much risk they would take on your business. This video will help you think through some of the information you need to provide so investors can feel more confident in your solution.

Part 5.

Stick the landing

You need to leave a great lasting impression. Leave your audience with a specific call-to-action. How might you leave investors feeling like you are confident? In this video, you will learn the importance of communicating the key strengths of you and your business so that you walk off stage leaving the best possible impression.