Topic 8. Get More Done

When you start a business you sign yourself up to be challenged and stretched in ways you never imagined. This endeavor will teach you about your strengths and weaknesses, and it will show you where you need to reach out and get assistance so you can continue to deliver results. These videos will provide you with some helpful tips to use productivity tools and systems to get more done.


What's Included in this Guide:

1. Stay Organized

2. Tame Your Inbox

3. Manage Your Tasks

4. Keep a Clear Mind With an End of Day Task List

5. Keep a Clear Mind With an End of Day Ritual

6. Enable Team Productivity

7. Bring on Help

Let's get started
Part 1.

Stay Organized

Would you spend a minute to save an hour? Probably. Yet many people don’t. Invest time and think about how to be organized. It has a great payoff not only for your company but for you personally as well. This segment takes you through how being organized can make a meaningful impact on what you can get done.

Part 2.

Tame Your Inbox

It may not sound like a big deal, but how you process your email sends a message to the sender, a message about your organizational skill, priorities, and discipline. This video will take you through some helpful how-to’s to manage your inbox so that you’re not only responsive, but you’re able to manage and delegate the tasks that come through your email.

Part 3.

Manage Your Tasks

When you improve how you organize your tasks, it will enable you to get more done. In this video, you will explore tools and tactics that can improve your task management mastery.

Part 4.

Keep a Clear Mind With Tasks at the Center

Putting task management at the center of your work system can help you clear your mind, guard your time, focus your attention, and reduce your anxiety. This video walks you through some processes you can use to manage the tasks you deal with daily.

Part 5.

Keep a Clear Mind With an End of Day Ritual

For some entrepreneurs the work never ends, it follows you home and nags you until you finally call it a night. But you’re left with anxiety, unfinished tasks, and it steals your sleep which - let’s face it - robs you of your best self and makes tomorrow that much harder. This video will explore some strategies you can use to keep on-task while still saving time for yourself so you can enjoy life and wake up refreshed.

Part 6.

Enable Team Productivity

The environment you create for you and your team is critical for your overall productivity. This video explores how to handle task delegation, check-ins, one-on-one’s, and other management systems you can use to run a more effective team.

Part 7.

Bring on Help

When does it make sense to bring someone on to help you keep your world in order and free you up to do those things where you excel? In this video, you’ll explore the best use of your time, and identify those areas where some assistance can make you stronger.