Topic 1. Build Your Lean Canvas

Get ready to take your initial idea to the next level with the Lean Canvas. This powerful tool will help you think through how to describe your business by looking at your customers, their problem, the unique value you and your team provides, your solution, and more.


What's Included in this Guide:

Create a Business That Works

Understand Your Customer

Understand Your Business

Complete the Lean Canvas

Let's get started
Part 1.

Create a Business That Works

It’s time to start beating the crappiness out of your ideas. The Lean Canvas is going to help you do exactly that so you can quickly replace your best guess with the best evidence and iterate on your business.

Part 2.

Understand Your Customers

How well do you understand the lived problem your market is experiencing? This part will help you identify your customers, their common characteristics, their problem, and how they describe that problem.

Part 3.

Understand Your Business

What are you going to build and offer to your customers to make their problem go away? This section looks at the solution you are building, the channels you’ll use to get your product to those customers, the costs of customer acquisition, and the flow of revenue from those customers.

Part 4.

Complete the Lean Canvas

The order in which you complete the canvas matters a lot. Before you can build evidence, you need to have understanding and structure.

Extra Learning.

Build Your Lean Canvas

Gather your team, grab a pen and some paper, and get ready to build your Lean Canvas! This video series will help you build out the components of your canvas using your customer’s language. Here you’ll list customer segments, their problem, your unfair advantage, and your solution before moving on to channels, key metrics, value proposition, costs, and revenue streams.