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Build Your Lean Canvas

Share your thinking and pivot.

Techstars’ Zach Nies gets your ready to take your initial idea to the next level with the Lean Canvas. This powerful tool will help you think through how to describe your business.

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Understand Your Customers

Know their problem better than anyone else

Developing the right problem is more important than building the right solution. This segment will help you identify and evaluate the issues from the perspective of your market.

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Give Your Elevator Pitch

Effectively describe your business

Can you convey your business in less than 30 seconds? This section will help you to grab the attention and interest of customers and investors.

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Make Progress With Goals

Learn effective goal setting

This section will help you learn how to think about, choose, and act on strategic goals so you and your business can make progress.

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Check Your Progress

Measure and pivot your goals

To make progress, you first need to know that outputs are not outcomes. This section will help you establish focused goals and figure out what key results to track.

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Grow Your Business With KPIs

Use performance indicators to scale up

Techstars’ Zach Nies explains how to use Key Performance Indicators to optimize your operations and take your business to the next level.

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Master your Pitch

Intrigue them by demonstrating

Investors are in the room, and it’s time for you to shine. This section will teach you how to be informative, likeable, and low-risk.

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Get More Done

Set productive personal and team habits

Know your strengths and weaknesses. This section provides some helpful advice and guidance on tools to help you get the most out of your time and effort.

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Brand Your Business

Use the most powerful branding tools

Thought-leader Chuck Pettis, President of Brand Solutions and former VP of Marketing at MakerBot, shares his secrets to brand strategy.

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21 Ways to Blow Up Your Company

Avoid these company pitfalls

These landmines could be happening right now. This section will help you avoid the 21 ways that close business doors.

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Engage With Mentors

Build relationships with mentors

Others have gone before you. They have failed and they have succeeded. Learn how to learn from them and to make the most of your time and their experience.

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